The Promotion of the Young Songwriter Alex Kukunis’ New Single Is In Full Swing

Boca Raton is the hometown of music stars. This was confirmed firstly with Ariana Grande and then with her successor Alex Kukunis. He’s a young songwriter and performer that only recently rose to fame and was quickly accepted by the fans of hip-hop music across the country. Although he was born in Crete, Greece, he has become familiarized with the American culture at a young age. In fact, he has been raised in Florida and was there during his whole youth including his high-school years which he spent in the Boca Raton High School.

This together with his talent and positive vibe has helped him craft the intelligent lyrics of his songs. And now since the release of his newest single ‘Chasing the Tuxedo‘ his exposure and the single’s promotion are in full swing. Let’s look into the details.


Alex takes the inspiration from his strong determination to succeed and his optimistic attitude. Observing the things happening around him as well as the behaviors of the young people nowadays, he gets ideas for his songs.

The newest single “Chasing the Tuxedo’ was born that way, too. It’s hard to say exactly what triggered it, but it’s for sure that a huge part came from Alex’s self-belief and a head full of prosperous thoughts.

Usually, he sings about the path to success and what it means to him as a young artist. But he also tackles every teenager’s main topic – love. Rapping about the beauty of the girls he meets and how special they are to him, he wakes the interest in his listeners.

Social Media Activity

Social media plays a huge role in the promotion of his single. Furthermore, Alex has profiles and pages on a lot of social media platforms so that he can connect with more fans out there. He uses Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to attract the younger masses and show them that he follows the latest trends.

Alex Kukunis

Posting photos of the things that he likes and slipping a few quotes here and there for brightening the day are a part of his usual routine when it comes to updating the social media platforms. This is only one of the reasons he has gained around 15 thousand followers on Instagram and the number is rising every day.


Alex Kukunis has brought freshness to the music scene. After he introduced his songs and innovative lyrics a lot of lovers of rap began following his steps. This became even more obvious with the promotion of his newest single ‘Chasing the Tuxedo’, which caught the people’s attention from the moment it was released. That was because the lyrics and rhythm matched the latest hip-hop trends and were catchy to the ears. The inspiration for writing it, though, came from his positivity and the things happening around him including the determination to succeed as well as love as a topic favorite to most young people today. It appears that this is only the start of his long career.

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